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PT. Asian One Air adalah perusahaan penerbangan dengan memegang AOC (Air Operator Certificate) nomer 135-007. PT. Asian One Air didirikan pada tahun 2012 dengan mengoperasikan 3 pesawat yaitu 2 pesawat jenis Caravan C208B dengan daerah operasi sekitar Kalimantan dan Papua. Pertama kali berkantor di kawasan Sudirman sebagai kantor Pusat dan seiring perkembangan pertambahan pesawat dan karyawan pada tahun 2018 Asian One berpindah  kantor ke daerah Jakarta utara yang lebih besar dan lebih representative. Saat ini  Asian One menguasai 5 pesawat yaitu 4 pesawat jenis Caravan dan 1 Helicopter AS 350 yang beroperasi di Timika dan sekitarnya

Asian One  memiliki beberapa basis operasi yaitu Nabire, Timika Dekai dengan di dukung oleh 7 Pilot,  6 engineer, 2 Avionic dan sekitar 30 Staff serta  pendukung lainya. Pada awalnya Asian One hanya melayani charter saja namun seiring dengan kebutuhan masyarakat dalam bidang transportasi semakin meningkat maka pada tahun 2019 Asian One Air di percaya untuk melayani penerbangan  perintis di Dekai dan Timika

PT. Asian One Air di dirikan di hadapan Notary Nelly Silviana, S.H., No: 01 tanggal 4 Juli 2011, di resmikan oleh Kementerian Kehakiman Republik Indonesia dengan nomer AHU 35082.AH.01.02 dan mengalami perubahan terakhir tanggal 19 November 2019 dihadapan Notaris Fitrya Ayu Utami , SH  dengan nomor : AHU-09393.AH.01.02, PT. Asian One Air Beralamat di Gedung Linq Unit C-188 , Jl. Trembesi , Pademangan Timur Jakarta Utara.



  1. Menjadi perusahaan angkutan udara tidak berjadwal terbaik di indonesia yang mampu bersaing, bertahan dan berkembang di era globalisasi.
  2. Turut menunjang kebijakan program pemerintah di bidang ekonomi dan pembangunan nasional pada umumnya serta pembangunan di bidang jasa angkutan udara tidak berjadwal pada khususnya.
  3. Menjadi perusahaan terkemuka dan pilihan utama dalam  idang transportasi penerbangan guna turut serta dalam membangun, melayani masyarakat di Wilayah Republik Indonesia


  1. Memperdayakan perusahaan sehingga menjadi perusahaan yang tangguh dankompetitif dalam persaingan  terbuka.
  2. Memberikan layanan jasa yang berorientasi kepada kepuasan pelanggan berdasarkan pengelolaan perusahaan secara profesional.
  3. Mengembangkan usaha yang berorientasi pada peningkatan keuntungan (profit making) dengan memanfaatkan sumber daya secara optimal.
  4. Turut berpartisipasi dalam pembangunan percepatan daerah tertinggal.






Asian One Air hereby declares it’s Quality Policy, aiming to bring together the employees, customers, sub-contractors, investors, and all its partners and shareholders to meet a common goal for its future. This common goal will be met in accordance with national and international legislation and standards, as well as the principles of commercial ethics along with the corporate mission and values on passenger carriage, cargo transportation, maintenance and training activities, with a focus on total quality.

Safety is a corporate value of this company, and as a Director shall continually provide our employees and customers with a safe environment. All employees must comply with this policy. I support the open sharing of information on all safety issues and encourage all employees to report significant errors, safety hazards or concerns. I pledge that no staff member will be asked to compromise our safety standards to “get the job done”.

Our overall safety objective is the proactive management of identifiable hazards and their associated risks with the intent to eliminate their potential for affecting aviation safety, and for injury to people and damage to equipment or the environment.  To that end, we will continuously examine our operation for these hazards and find ways to minimize them. We will encourage hazards and incident reporting, train staff on safety management, document our findings and mitigation actions and strive for continuous improvement, illegal action, deliberate violation or instant of gross neglation will not be tolerate.

To Ensure Operational Security Asian One Air develops and implements processes to prevent acts of unlawful interference that may occur on the ground or during flights and establishes security objectives and security performance standards. While implementing these processes.

To Determine Security Responsibilities Asian One Air determines the responsibilities of its employees regarding security-related issues and ensures a commitment to security from senior management as a fundamental priority throughout the organization.

To Identify Security Vulnerabilities and Risks Asian One Air provides assistance to all its employees to identify and prevent vulnerabilities and risks that may occur as a result of the interaction between people, machines, the environment and duties.

To establish and promote a Corporate Security Culture Asian One Air ensures that all necessary arrangements are made to establish and improve a “Corporate Security Culture”. It promotes activities to increase security awareness and to make security an integral part of the corporate management system.

Asian One Air provides a periodic policy review to ensure continuing relevance to organizational needs and to the requirements of Quality, Safety & Security performance standards.

Jakarta,    August 2019




The objective of this policy is to develop a drug and alcohol free workplace which will help ensure a safe and productive workplace and to provide education and treatment to our employees. In order to further this objective, the following rules regarding alcohol and illegal drugs in the workplace have been established.

  1. The company reserves the right to perform urine drug screens and/or breathe alcohol test where there is reasonable cause to believe someone is under the influence.
  2. Alcoholism and other drug addictions are recognized as disease responsive to proper treatment and this will be an option as long as the employee corporates.
  3. Working or reporting to work, conducting company business or being on premises or in a company owned, lease or rented vehicle while under the influence of an illegal drug, alcohol or in an impaired condition constitutes a violation of the Policy and may subject an employee to disciplinary action including immediate termination;
  4. Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on company property is prohibited. The unauthorized use or possession of perception drug or over the counter drugs on company property is prohibited.
  5. Using, selling, purchasing, transferring, possessing, manufacturing, or storing an illegal drug or drug paraphernalia or attempting or assisting another to do so, while in the course of employment or engaged in a company sponsored activity, on premises, in owned, leased, or rented vehicle or on business assets constitutes a violation of the Policy and may subject an employee to disciplinary action including immediate termination.


Jakarta,    August 2019



  1. I committed to the safest flight operating standards possible. To achieve this, it is imperative that we have uninhibited reporting of all incidents and occurrences which may compromise the safe conduct of our operations. To this end, every employee is responsible for communicating any information that may affect the integrity of flight safety. Such communication must be completely free of any form of reprisal.
  2. I will not take disciplinary action against any employee who discloses an incident or occurrence involving flight safety. This policy shall not apply to information received by the Company from a source other than the employee, or which involves an illegal act, or a deliberate or willful disregard of promulgated regulations or procedures
  3. The primary responsibility for flight safety rests with line managers however flight safety is everyone’s concern.
  4. Our method of collecting, recording and disseminating information obtained from Air Safety Reports has been developed to protect, to the extent permissible by law, the identity of any employee who provides flight safety information.
  5. I urge all staff to use our flight safety program to help mebecome a leader in providing our customers and employees with the highest level of flight safety.


Jakarta,    August 2019